Wellness vacation in the Montafon with adler alpen apartments

Time for you. Time to relax.

Pure, simple and reduced to the essentials.

Natural, local materials create the right setting to unwind, in the relaxation rooms with infrared loungers, in the refreshing Kneipp basin or while relaxing in Adler’s sweat stoba with a Finnish and herbal organic sauna. During a wellness holiday in the Montafon, everyday life has a break and your relaxation is paramount. And the right wellness bag awaits you in your apartment.

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Well-being ritual with a long tradition. The body temperature is increased up to 38 ° C during the sweating phase. This creates an “artificial fever” that destroys existing pathogens.

That Interplay of heat and cold relaxes the muscles, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the circulation, metabolism, immune system and breathing, and increases wellbeing.

A steam sauna heater enriches the air with fine steam. Temperatures between 40 ° C and 60 ° C create a pleasant sauna climate: fine steam cleanses, firms and revitalizes the skin in a gentle way.

Steam enriched with herbs brings the ingredients of the herbs through the skin and the respiratory tract directly into the bronchi and lungs. Here they can develop their full effect. They also strengthen the immune system and stabilize the cardiovascular system.

warmth has an immediate effect on Wellbeing and health. The application of heat loosens the tissue, relieves pain, strengthens the immune system, increases blood circulation and improves metabolism and consiquently cleans the body.

The perfect end to your spa break – just sit back and let everyday life be your daily routine. The cozy, comfortable atmosphere enhances the wellness holiday experience in the Montafon.

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